Interflam 2016
Royal Holloway College, Nr Windsor, UK
4 - 6 July 2016
14th International Conference and Exhibition
on Fire Science and Engineering

Interflam Awards

Interflam Trophy  

The 2016 Interflam trophy was presented to Koichi Yoshida of Yokohama National University for his many years leading work in fire standardisation in the construction, electro technical and plastics sectors. Also for his long service to the Marine standardisation group IMO. Yoshida is the world’s most prolific participant across international fire standardisation and the award also recognises all those who work in this unglamorous but pivotal sector of fire safety that is the foundation of fire safety regulations.


Best Paper Award

Fire Safety of Façades with Polystyrene Foam Insulation
Anja Hofmann, S Kaudelka, BAM, Germany


Best Paper Runner Up Award

Efficient Method for PROBABILISTIC Fire Safety Engineering
Ruben Van Coile, Ghent Univ, Belgium, G Balomenos, M Pandey, Univ of Waterloo, Canada


Best Paper by a Young Researcher Award
Experimental Assessment of Bench-Scale Ignitability Parameters
Frida Vermina Lundstrom, Lund Univ, Sweden


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Koichi Yoshida received Interflam Trophy from Steve Grayson and Carole Franks
Koichi Yoshida receives the Interflam Trophy from Stephen Grayson and Carole Franks

Anja Hofmann
Anja Hofmann - Best Paper Award
Ruben Van Coile
Ruban Van Coile, - Best Paper Runner Up Award
     Frida Vermina Lundstrom
Frida Vermina Lundstrom - Best Paper by a Young Researcher Award


  Best Paper Award
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