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Fire Testing
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Fire Testing Laboratory

Our testing team enjoys a reputation for professional service, data interpretation and project management.

The main laboratory is housed at facilities in Gosport (formerly owned by QinetiQ), from where we provide a wide range of fire test services to an international cliental from as far afield as China, Canada, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, USA.

If you need to test your products please explore our fire testing services listed in the pages of this website or just contact us to discuss your requirements.

Interscience Fire Laboratory is an approved supplier to the UKs Ministry of Defence under the MOD's Framework Agreement for Technical Support (FATS4).

Our laboratory is UKAS accredited.

Established in 1987, Interscience is the organiser of premier international conferences in the fire science and engineering field such as Interflam, Human Behaviour in Fires and Fire and Materials. In addition to the regular conference series’ individual seminars were organised to highlight and discuss topical subjects, e.g Toxicity and Smoke and short courses taught by world experts such as Vyto Babrauskas, (Principles of Electrical Fires and Explosions), Marcelo Hirschler and Marc Janssens (Regulatory Fire Testing) are run in conjunction with major events.

Please contact Steve Grayson for news on conference programmes from April 2017.

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