Interflam 2016
Royal Holloway College, Nr Windsor, UK
4 - 6 July 2016
14th International Conference and Exhibition
on Fire Science and Engineering

The international organizing committee is pleased to announce the provisional programme for the 14th international conference. Over the 3 days there will be 120 oral presentations along with 70 posters. This will be one of the largest technical programmes in the conference's 36 year history.

As with previous conferences, the programme will start with a keynote paper followed by several parallel sessions supported by posters, exhibition stands, and a student workshop.

Programme Overview
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Keynote Paper
The Urgent Need for System Thinking in Fire Safety –
The Only Way Forward for Testing, Engineering and Education

Patrick van Hees, Lund University, Sweden
Fire Investigation
Flame Retardants and Coating
Fire Service and Building Fire Safety
Heat Flux Measurement & Calculations
Pyrolysis Modelling
Furniture Flammability
Detection and Suppression
Wildland Fire
Poster Session A
Predictions of Soot Generation & Visibility
Fire Resistance
Codes & Regulations
Rack Storage Fire Modelling and Testing
Fire Risk
Model Validation
Fire Safety Engineering
Fire Testing
Poster Session B
Ignition & Extinction
Human Behaviour
Fire Dynamics
Thermal Insulation & Fibres
Electrical Fires
Poster Session C

The conference is intended to create an interface between the researcher, the fire safety engineer and the designer so that good fire science can be promptly harnessed to provide a safer built environment. Since 1979 Interflam has brought together engineers, scientists, practitioners and regulators from around the globe to hear the latest state of the art papers, meet with new colleagues and importantly, to network with their peers in a friendly atmosphere conducive to exchanging ideas and developing new ones.

FM Global Sponsor Interflam Best Paper Awards

We are pleased to announce that FM Global will again be sponsoring Interflam and will generously be making an award for the best paper/s presented at the conference (up to £1000 will be awarded). A separate paper award committee will review the written paper submissions prior to the event and the award will be presented at the conference dinner.

Programme Committee

Stephen Grayson Interscience Comm, UK
Kathleen Almand, NFPA, USA

Vytenis Babrauskas

Sergey Dorofeev
, FM Global, USA
Anthony Hamins, NIST, USA

Marc Janssens, SWRI, USA
Chris Jelenewicz, SFPE, USA

Debbie Smith, BRE, UK
Bjorn Sundstrom, SP, Sweden
Patrick Van Hees,
Lund Univ, Sweden

Interflam is organised by Interscience Communications in association with some of the world’s leading fire science institutes and organisations:

Further details from the Conference Organisers:
Interscience Communications Ltd,
1 Burnt Ash Lane, Bromley, BR1 4DJ, UK
Tel +44 (0) 208 692 5050; +44 (0)208 692 5155, Email:

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