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Programme Committee

Stephen Grayson
Interscience Communications, UK
Vytenis Babrauskas
Fire Science & Technology Inc, USA
Marcelo Hirschler
GBH International, USA
Anja Hofmann
BAM, Germany

Marc Janssens
Patrick Van Hees
Lund University, Sweden

Scientific Committee


Serge Bourbigot
PERF, France
Karen Boyce
Ulster University, UK
Steven Craft
CHM Fire Conslt, Canada
Nicolas Dembsey
Eric Guillaume
Efectis, France
Tuula Hakkarainen
VTT, Finland
Brian Lattimer
Jensen Hughes, USA
Christine Lukas
Dow Chemical Co, UK
Richard Lyon
Samuel Manzello
Alexander Morgan
Univ of Dayton Research Inst, USA
Bernhard Schartel
BAM, Germany
Bjorn Sundstrom
SP Tech Research Inst, Sweden

Colleen Wade
BRANZ, New Zealand
Koichi Yoshida
RIME, Japan

15th International Conference
Fire and Materials 2017
San Francisco, USA
6 - 8 February 2017

To purchase a copy of the electronic proceedings, please click here

Over 80 papers were presented by international speakers representing over 30 countries.

Papers were presented in the following sessions: Compartment Fires; Electro-Technical; Engineered Wood Products; Fire Dynamics; Fire and the Environment; Fire Hazard; Fire Investigation; Fire Resistance; Fire Testing; Flame Retardants; Hazardous Materials; Ignition and Pyrolysis Modeling; Material Flammability; Toxicity; Upholstered Furniture; Wildland.

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